Hofstraat Kelder

Situated on the charming Myrtledene just outside Malmesbury, Hofstraat Cellar has established itself in recent years as one of the signature producers of the south-after Swartland wine region.

Classified as a Garagiste cellar, Hofstraat produces Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage and Barbera reflecting the honest fruit and complexity characteristic of the area. Recently a Chenin Blanc sourced from the acclaimed vineyards of the Darling Hills joined the Hofstraat label.

Hofstraat cellar is a garagiste winery owned by Wim Smit, the resident winemaker. He is a well known commercial builder in Malmesbury and the surrounding Swartland. He took his aesthetic perfection of building practices and directly applied it into his hobby, wine making. Officially registered in 2002, Hofstraat cellar, with Renosterbos being its flagship wine, has since won many prestigious awards and accolades, making it a staple in the wine making community and the Swartland wine route.

The home of Renosterbos wines, Myrtledene, has since expanded to include a function venue and it’s with great excitement that we welcome the newest member to the family, the restaurant Café Myrtledene. Lawrence Smit, a fellow Malmesbury resident, will lead this establishment as chef and owner. He has in recent years expanded his culinary prowess working at numerous prestigious institutions across South Africa. The chef and staff are elated to tantelise your taste buds with an array of delicious and heart warming dishes. Come and enjoy the food and relax in the beautiful, brand new Café Myrtledene.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday. Group bookings essential.



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